Lowes appliance gift card rebate

Lowes appliance gift card rebate

The Lowe Gift Card facilitates purchases for those involved in renovation projects, including construction and maintenance contractors, homeowners and tenants. Good online and over 1830 locations across the United States. Regardless of the size of the project, Lowes has everything from wood and nails to flooring, appliances, paints, tools, equipment, lawn and garden. When you give Lowes appliance gift card rebate, your friends will never stop improving.

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Lowes appliance gift card rebate – Terms and conditions

Lowes appliance gift card rebate is valid only in the United States. This is not a credit / debit card and has no implied warranty. This card can not be redeemed for cash unless it is required by law and can not be used to make payments on a payment account or is used to purchase another gift card from the seller or a third party. Lowes reserves the right to disable or refuse any gift card issued or acquired through fraudulent activity. Lost or stolen gift cards may only be replaced upon presentation of the original cash receipt for any remaining balance. This will be changed or changed. To check the balance of your Lowe Gift Card: visit Lowes.com/GiftCards or contact customer service at any Lowes store.

Lowes appliance gift card rebate – Refund Policy

Cancellation requests must be made in writing within 14 days in accordance with the consumer contracts for the order procedure. Orders sent by first class mail or special delivery will be deemed to arrive on the next business day. The refund will be returned to the credit / debit card used for the purchase. In some cases, Lowes appliance gift card rebate must be returned by registered mail. SVM bears no responsibility for their return or postage. Refunds can only be made for funds that have not yet been spent on the gift card.